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The Albania travel guide includes beautiful beaches, natural wonders and snow capped mountains. Albania is nestled in the Mediterranean and it is growing in popularity among tourists. It is still, however, an unspoiled travel destination with a fascinating history and rich culture.


Albania is accessible by air and there is an international airport situated 15 minutes from Tirana. From the airport, Tirana can be reached by taxi, or for a cheaper option catch the bus which runs every hour from the airport to the city. Albania is not accessible by train, but once you are in the country it is possible to travel from region to region by train. Albania can be reached from surrounding countries by bus, car or ferry. Ferries go from Corfu to Albania. Public buses offer a cheap way to travel around Albania, or alternatively use the private minibuses.


Albania has a beautiful coast with clear blue seas. Dajti Mountain located in Tirana boasts spectacular views over the region. In Butrint, which is a world heritage site, there are many ancient ruins to explore. Petrela Castle and Skanderbeg Castle are popular attractions. Visiting the local cafes is a worthwhile experience and there is plenty of nighttime entertainment including bars and clubs. The Grand Park in Tirania is a good place to go hiking. Other sport facilities such as fishing and bowling are available. In bigger cities theaters, music performances and cinemas offer entertainment.


Albania has a Mediterranean climate, but there are climatic differences from region to region - especially between the north and the south of the country. Temperatures generally range from 5C in winter to 24C in summer. Inland towns can experience temperatures of up to 40C while coastal regions are cooler with temperatures of around 30C. Temperatures drop lower in the mountainous regions. Albania has on average 300 days of sunshine every year with most of the rainfall occurring during winter. Mountainous regions experience a higher amount of rainfall. For sightseeing, the best time of year to visit is spring and autumn.


Albania has many shopping options and items on sale include carpets, crafts, woodcarvings, musical instruments and embroidery. Good places to go shopping include Tirana and the bazaar of Kruja. Bazaars offer a chance to mingle with the locals and get a glimpse into the local culture.

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