San Cristobal Travel Guide

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City Center

City Center


San Cristóbal, the capital of the state of Táchira, was founded by Juan de Maldonado in 1561. From its inception, the city evolved rapidly as one of the most progressive and important centers of commerce in the country. As throughout the Andean states, the people of Táchira are characterized as hardworking, cordial, conservative, and devoted to their historical, religious, and folkloric traditions.

The primary industries here are centered around agriculture, mainly the production of coffee, sugar, and legumes. Other important industrial sectors which have helped fuel the economic engines of the region include meat production (cattle), agriculture, and manufacturing industries like shoes, baskets, and ceramics. A fact that perhaps is not widely known is that it was in Táchira, and not in Zulia, that the first oil wells were excavated in 1875-- a procedure done in those days by hand and with buckets.

San Cristobal is home to an international fair known as La Feria Internacional de San Sebastian. This international event brings bull fighters from around the world to show their prowless against beautiful trained bulls. The entire city celebrates San Sebastian's Fair with dancing on the streets, crafts, food festivals, and a highly contested beauty pageant. This event takes place in January each year.


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