Las Aves islands Travel Guide

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Koenraad Jansen

 The Las Aves islands are a group of small islands off the Venezuelan North coast. Reaching it is the hard part. I worked on a sailingship which passed through the islands, since there is no airstrip on the islands you have to get here by boat. It is possible to take a divetrip from Bonaire (dutch Antilles) to the islands, takes about four hours by boat from Bonaire.

 Diving is the most spectacular thing there is to do on the islands, since the islands are rough and only a few palmtrees cover them. The only inhabitants besides thousands of birds are the venezuelan coast guard, if you are friendly to them they let you play basketball on their private court. The sea around the islands is one big pristine spectacular reef. In 1678 the French admiral D'Estrees was sent from Trinidad along with a fleet to capture the Dutch Antilles. The Dutch who were told of this by their spies knew that they would be outnumbered. So they decided to lure the French to Las Aves which is known for it's treacherous reefs. They did this by lighting a few spots on the islands so the French would mistake Las Aves for Bonaire. The French went right in an wrecked their whole fleet. As a result there are still 6 French ships scattered along the reefs. For detailed information see 'Dreamwrecks of the ABC islands' by Dominique Serafini.

 Since no people live on these islands the coral reefs are oppulent!

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