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Koenraad Jansen


 I have been to the Gran Sabana and climbed mount Roraima, the highest tabletop mountain in the world, which is next to the Gran sabana. Beware!! when travelling overland from Ciudad Bolivar to Roraima by the only road possible you will have to stop at an army/border police checkpoint just before you get to Santa Elena de Uairen. The soldiers here (as in more places in Venezuela) are corrupt, when you carry cash, which i did, they will take a part of it. I reported this to the local military 'governor' but the same pack of soldiers might still be working there.

 Climbing Roraima is an absolute must when in the area, choose the six day climb, climbing to 2800 metres fully packed isn't for the faint-hearted. But when you reach the 'top' which is a plateau of 75 square kilometres, you will be treated to a unique eco-system. This means that most plants and animals on this plateau are endemic (nowhere else to be found on this planet). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was inspired by these tabletopmountains (there are more in the region) writing his books. Make sure you have at least a day and a half on top.

 Half a year before I went to this region (I was here in june.2005) tensions in this area arose. The indiginous indians (who will guide you to their mountains) attacked the military post (same one I mentioned before), captured the officer and laid him in the sun, tied down, for a whole day covered in honey, so the insects could have their way with him. Two indians where killed in this uprise.

 Therefore before you go to this region check if tensions arose again.

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