Getting Around in Caracas

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The Caracas transportation system is well developed to meet the demands of the populous South American metropolis. There are 3 main ways to get around Caracas: by bus, metro or car.


The bus is the main way of transportation for the locals. There are 3 types of buses in Caracas (from largest to smallest): the autobus, the camioneta and the microbus (also commonly referred as 'camionetica'). As in most South American cities, buses are identified by the landmarks or main avenues that are included in their routes, rather than by number. It is a good idea to purchase a guide before arriving to Caracas, and to become familiar with the main landmarks and avenues of Caracas, if you're planning to use the bus a lot. 


Since 1981, the Caracas Metro has served the city of Caracas quite efficiently with 4 lines and over 50 stations. It is a good idea to purchase the monthly and weekly passes of the Metro/Metrobus system because this will allow you to save some money; these passes will allow you to use not only the metro at a cheaper rate, but also the bus system offered by the Caracas Metro system.


If you're planning to drive around Caracas, there's 2 things that you need to know. First, be aware of the Plan Via Libre that has been implemented in Caracas since March 2009 to reduce the pollution levels. Under this plan, each weekday certain cars are banned from entering certain regions of the city. Make sure to check with your car rental agency, so you know the days and regions that your car should avoid during the weekdays. Second, the international driver's license is the most commonly accepted form of proof of driving ability in Caracas, so you should apply for one before leaving for Venezuela. Having this special permit will make the car rental process much easier.

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