Eating Out in Caracas

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Eating out in Caracas can be quite an adventure. There are so many different types of food available in the city it’s difficult to know where to begin. You should know that breakfast tends to be on the small side; it’s common for locals to eat only a piece of toast or a pastry with their morning coffee, juice, or tea. Lunch is the most abundant meal of the day and probably the best meal to go out to eat at a restaurant for. You can get some pretty good deals on lunch, because most restaurants offer specials with various courses. Dinner is small and could include a light sandwich or some street snacks.

There is a lot of distinction between the foods of different areas of Venezuela. Each region cooks with the food resources that are most common in that region. For example, cities on the coast use a lot of seafood and shellfish, while cities in the highland region use tubers, yucca, corn, and rice. Caracas provides an eclectic mix of the foods from all of these regions, both traditional and nontraditional, in its spicy, flavorful cuisine. Eating out in a restaurant can cost anywhere from $5 to $15 USD a meal, which is much more expensive than eating out in another city.

Typical Dishes of Caracas

The food generally comes from European dishes made in the country that have evolved over time with local flare to become distinctly Venezuelan. Pabellon Criollo is the National Dish of the country. It is a mix of black beans, shredded meat, banana, and rice. Arepas are also really popular; these sort of corn-bread snack foods can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, ham, chicken, and cheese are just a few of the options. All kinds of meat dishes are popular, especially those with beef, so if you’re vegetarian, be forewarned that it’s difficult to find many meat-free dishes. Deer, rabbit, and goat are also common, as is seafood and shellfish.

Good Restaurants

Restaurants in Caracas range from traditional Venezuelan, to Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and everything in-between. A great restaurant with traditional food is Tarzilandia. It has a jungle theme including live parrots and tropical vegetation. Another, La Talanquera, has an amazing style with a roof made from rushes, wooden chairs and fans, and live creole music. It’s known for its traditional meat dishes.

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