Caracas Travel Guide

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At night

At night

Santiago de León de Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, was founded in 1567 by the spanish conqueror Diego de Losada. It's placed in a narrow but long valley which is sorrounded by the Central Mountains and El Ávila. The valley is about 900 m. up to the sea level, and it's climate has been named The Endless Spring. Nowadays is the biggest and most important city of the whole country. There you'll find everything you need, and you might get surprised at first because of its modernity! Caracas is the city where Simon Bolivar The Liberator was born. He commanded the Independence War of about half of South America so you can imagine he is a hero everywhere, but specially in Caracas more than anywhere else. However, you will see Hugo Chavez's face more than anyone else's. 

Some of the notable places to visit include Capitolio/El Silencio (old colonial downtown), Sabana Grande (new downtown with famous boulevard), Centro Comercial San Ignacio (up-scale shopping mall with nightlife, boutiques, art galleries and cafes), Las Mercedes (restaurants and nightclubs), and Altamira (nightclubs, pleasant parks and the famous Plaza Altamira).


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