Shopping in Montevideo

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Most all of Montevideo’s shopping takes place in outdoor air markets or up-scale malls. Typically, aside from goods, you'll find food at produce stands, cafes, and small coffee houses. Here are some of the best places to shop in the eclectic city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Manos del Uruguay: Stop here if you want locally made woolen sweaters, shawls, blankets, capes, and scarves, in addition to leather goods and wood items. The wool is hand dyed and melded into the finished product. Prices are reasonable.

Mercado del Los Artesanos:  This is a true Uruguay artisan market, featuring a variety of homemade goods, from leather and pottery to wood and wool items. Perfect for those on any budget, prices range from cheap to expensive.

Mercado del Puerto: This is Montevideo’s central port market, suffused in a variety of smells, sights, and musical sounds. Open on afternoons and weekends, this market offers a wide range of shops and eateries. You can try local Uruguayan foods, such as seafood, empanadas, and BBQ meats.

Montevideo Shopping Center: Located in downtown, visitors can sample from over 180 shops that include chain stores as well as locally owned small boutiques. A range of cafes and eateries also available. You can surely find everything you need here!

Portones de Carrasco: Need a break from walking around and want to see a movie? Portones de Carrasco offers one of Montevideo’s best theaters. You can also find clothes, shoes, books, and electronics in this up-scale shopping area.

Tristán Narvaja Antiques: Located along one of the city’s main roads, visitors who stop in Tristan Naraja Antiques will find a wide variety of local goods, including textiles, furniture, knickknacks, and jewelry. You can spend hours alone just browsing the South American antiques.  

Tristan Narvaja Market: A colorful, jam-packed outdoor flea market, the Tristan Narvaja Market, in existence for over 50 years, opens early Sundays. Vendors sell everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and cheese to clothing, crafts and jewelry.

Villa Biarritz Fair: Only open on Saturdays, the Villa Biarritz Fair features fresh flowers, produce, quality crafts and local guide books. Great place to get that last minute souvenir or gift for so

Punta Carretas Shopping Center: Jailhouse Shopping: What was once formerly a jailhouse has now been converted into one of Montevideo’s best shopping centers. Located in front of the ever recognizable Sheraton hotel, Punta Carretas features unique a cinema and boutiques with local produce, chocolate, and hand-made clothes.

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Acatras del Mercado

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The gallery offers a varied selection of fine arts and crafts, all by Uruguayan artists.

Unique pieces exhibited in a special setting where art and architecture are combined in an exceptional fashion.

Visit us. You will receive personalized attention.

We ship all over the world, we speak Spanish and English.

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"I have just visited a few South American countries and this store is the best I found for local arts and crafts. The prices more..

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