7 Day Itinerary in Montevideo

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Montevideo is to a travel enthusiast what French cuisine is for a gastronomy aficionado: exotic, delightful, wholesome and infallible. This striking South American Port oozes with charm, versatility and is a brilliant medley of bustling energy and tranquility. Be prepared to get drenched in a generous measure of art, history, culture, food and an array of picturesque attractions. If you seek to unearth the mystery of Latin America with a conventional European twist, Montevideo is your safest bet.

Day 1: Ready, Get Set, Go!

Start your trip by gaining fascinating and informative facts on the historical legacy and ethos of Montevideo by a visit to the enchanting old city that commences from Plaza Independencia. A little further, Plaza de la Constitution is packed with must-visit attractions. Head to the “Museo Historic Nacional” or the National Historic Museum for Latin American grandeur and some of the most interesting memorabilia from Montevideo’s civilization. The iconic Cathedral, situated right opposite the Museum, is worth a visit. Iglesia Matriz is another ancient public structure famous for its bell towers.

Day 2: Museum Mania

For a celebration of the artistic genius of Montevideo, visit the “Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes”. Find traces of ancient and contemporary art in all genres from oil paintings and sketches to sculpture and carvings. View unusual cowboy objects and lifestyle records at the Museo del Gaucho y de la Moneda. 

 Day 3: Beach Fun

Wander through the Ramla Francia belt for a day long trip to Montevideo’s famed beaches. Some of the most celebrated beaches that you find while moving along the Old City are Ramirez, Pocitos, Buceo, Malvin and Honda and Carrasco .

Day 4: This one’s for the kids

"Parque Rodo" is the largest amusement park in Uruguay. Thrilling roller coasters, sprawling parks and a stadium create the silhouette of a sure shot family attraction. 

Day 5: Parks

Experience lush greenery and an expansive feel at the “El Prado” and “Batlle Park”- home to several eye-catching bronze statues. To witness a breathtaking view of Montevideo, head straight to “Cerro” Hill. 

Day 6: Art and Shopping

If you want a more up market shopping destination, head to Montevideo Shopping Centre. It is located in Downtown Montevideo and is a huge shopping mall that nestles a potpourri of boutiques and eateries. Visit the downtown attraction “Palacio Legislativo”, a mammoth structure of European artwork and architecture.

Day 7: Charming local flea markets

Go on a culinary journey to Montevideo’s tantalizing Port Market that attracts hordes of visitors for its compelling aroma and visual treats. Sample delicious local fare and pick up fresh produce and artifacts at throwaway prices. Market is open only in the afternoons and on weekends. Move to “Mercado de los Artesanos”, a haven for art lovers. Shop for rare handmade goods crafted out of wood, metal, bronze and an array of metals. Closed on Sundays.

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