Shopping in Paramaribo

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Paramaribo Shopping options put forth the most varied and best of shopping facilities found in Suriname. The Paramaribo Shopping experience offers a blend of shopping for basic supplies at department stores of Kersten and visiting the Central Market for traditional goods. Visitors headed to Paramaribo should equip themselves with some basic knowledge about its shopping-oriented offerings.

Paramaribo Shopping Overview

Most foreign visitors can be found shopping at the Central Market. This is also an ideal area to catch some form of local transport to visit other, nearby shopping destinations. Places like the Maagdenstraat aren’t very well known to overseas visitors but have a loyal following among the locals for Chinese jewelry.

Paramaribo Shopping at ReadyTex Crafts

ReadyTex is the most authentic retailer of native handicrafts in Suriname. It is visited by people looking to buy souvenirs. The most demanded goods here include hand-woven baskets made from fiber of palm trees and ceramics. ReadyTex is also famous for its range of locally-produced crafts. This includes paintings, wooden-carvings and handmade caps. This shop is located near to the Central Market. En route to ReadyTex, visitors can pick-up fresh fruits from the vendors lined along the connecting road. A few feet away, near Independence Square, lies the Flower Market. As the name suggests, it specializes in selling floral items including bouquets and customized combinations.

  • Location:  ReadyTex Crafts is located along the Maagdenstaat Street.

Paramaribo Shopping at Jeruzalem Bazaar

Jeruzalem Bazaar is ideal for the casual sort of shopper. The entire setting is very rudimentary wherein most of the merchandise isn't branded and haggling for prices is the norm. Most commonly-found items here include mosquito netting and hand-woven hammocks. Visitors can shop for all sorts of hammocks—the contemporary Brazilian hammocks or the more traditional, Surinamese hammocks. The Brazilian variety is slightly more expensive and is well-decorated while the Surinamese hammocks are more functional. This market is popular and easy-to-find. It is located just about 10 minutes away from the central part of Paramaribo and is accessible on foot. This market is also known for its wide range of textiles and printed fabrics. The quality of clothes necessarily isn't a winner here but the dirt-cheap prices can dilute-away such apprehensions. Visitors can also shop for some home-décor goods, including kits of basic, home-tools. This market is usually closed on Sundays. On other days of the week, it is often open up to midnight.

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