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Tarapoto is the commercial center of Northern Peru.  Being an agricultural community, it is a great place for shoppoing for tropical fruits and vegitables.  There are three main Markets where one can find fresh produce.  The closest to the Plaza de Armas, where many tourists stay in a nearby hotel, is Mercado #1.  Mercado #2 is a quick mototaxi ride away, and is the main place where one can find meat and other food products.  The largest market in town that is almost all produce is just down the hill.

Most retail stores, pharmacies are on the Plaza de Armas or within close proximity.  One of the busiest streets in town is the one block stretch leading from the south corner of the Plaza, (the corner with the big IncaFarma sign) where La Inmaculada, the largest grocery store in town, is located along with numerous other pharmacies and specialty shops in all directions from there.

For souviners, there are three main places to look.  (DonĀ“t wait until you are back at the airport where you will have to pay much more for the same items.)  One place to look is Mercado #1, another place is the CentroComercial building in the East corner of the Plaza de Armas (opposite corner from IncaFarma), and you will also find artesanias one block off the Plaza on the street that starts as Jr. Ramon Castillo and uphill turns into Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey between Leonce Prado, between Jr. Lima and Jr. Leoncio Prado.

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Irinita's Net

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Nestled in the new space of the largest ground-level Internet cafe in Tarapoto is an artesenia (local crafts) shop, featuring jewelry made from natural products with local designs and motifs.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains, coin purses, handpainted pottery, and other handicrafts are constantly rotated through the artesania collection at Irinita's Net.  It is the northernmost artesania on a strip of shops that runs from Jr. Lima to Jr. Leoncio Prado on Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey.

type:Speciality shops
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accessibility:Just over one block off the Plaza de Armas. Wheelchair accessible
tel:042 531380
address:Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey #229 (Just a few doors north of Jr. Grau)

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