Internet Cafes in Tarapoto

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With the exception of only a few residential areas, no matter where one goes in Tarapoto, Peru, there is an Internet cafe within a block or two.  When Internet access came to Tarapoto via satellite about 5 years or so ago, the standard rate was 3 soles per hour, but there were only a handful of Internet cafes then. 

Since Telefonica implemented the Speedy Internet service in Tarapoto about three years ago, the prices have dropped dramatically due to the lower cost of Internet service and the sheer number of Internet cafes.  Speedy 120 is now the standard speed of Internet access in Internet cafes in Tarapoto -- but that has proven to be inconsistent and can run anywhere from 60 to 120 it seems at the whim of Telefonica. 

Most Internet cafes now charge only 1 sol to 1.50 per hour, so the people running these businesses are eager for business of both travellers and locals, and the bigger Internet cafes offer numerous business services and food and beverages to increase sales and traffic.

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Irinita's Net

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The new location of Irinita's Net is convenient to downtown Tarapoto.
The new location of Irinita's Net is convenient to downtown Tarapoto.
photo by: Jeffrey Maxwell

Irinita's Net is the largest ground-level Internet cafe in the San Martin District.  With 26 Dell computers, most running Pentium Four processors, none less than Pentium Threes, Irinita's Net has one of the finest private collections of computers in the jungle.  The fastest speed of Internet access available allows for convenient and efficient online activities, such as e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing, and online games.

Other services offered by Irinita's Net include typing, printing, copying and more..

type:Internet Cafe
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accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible. Parking on street. Only 1 block from the Plaza de Armas.
tel:(042) 53-1380
address:Jr. Alegria A. De Morey No. 229, Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru
price:1 sol per hour until 4 p.m., -- 1.50 soles per hour after 4 p.m. -- Minimum purchase half a sol
hours:7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 7 days a week
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