Eating Out in Tarapoto

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Typical food found in Tarapoto, Peru.  2006.05.17

Typical food found in Tarapoto, Peru. 2006.05.17

Jeffrey Maxwell

In Tarapoto, as with anywhere in the Amazon Rainforest, what is available in restaurants depends on what is found locally in the jungle.  Tarapoto is largely an agricultural community, so many varieties of plants Fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, and pork are all readily available fresh each day. 

Besides an abundance of fresh fruits (aguaje, bananas, camu-camu, cocona, grapes, guava, papaya, passion fruit, taperiba) and vegetables, many dishes are also made of these.  Stuffed bananas (banana dough stuffed with beef and peanuts), tacacho (mashed grilled plantains).

Chicken dishes that are popular in Tarapoto are inchicapi (chicken soup), juanes de arroz (chicken and rice wrapped in Bijao leaves). 

Pork dishes include avispa juane (a tamale with pork), choncholi (pork intestines barbecued on a stick), sarajuane (pork in mashed corn and peanuts wrapped in banana leaves)

Fish dishes include carachama (fish soup); chontajuane (fish in mashed chonta wrapped in banana leaves); ceviche (similar to sushi you could say, except that the fish is "cooked"  in lemon juice); patarashca (fish wrapped in banana leaves cooked over an open fire).

There are restaurants, or in some cases food stands, in almost every block in Tarapoto.  If they are going to cook for the family, then they might as well cook enough for the neighbors and make a little cash in the process.  Many of these neighborhood restaurants have a place to sit, but there isn't any kitchen.  They cook in a grill out on the sidewalk.  Many of these places serve very delicious food, and the menu is easy, just point at the grill to indicate which items you want.

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Restaurant Chalet Venicia

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Restaurant Chalet Venicia has been a landmark on the corner of Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey and Jr. Leoncio Prado for many years.  Probably the oldest and most respected of Italian restaurant in the Amazon Rainforest, Chalet Venicia is best known for amazing lazagna.  Layers of lasagna noodles and meat sauce and mozzarela would make even Garfield the cartoon cat salivate. 

Other popular entrees in Chalet Venicia include fetuccini alfredo, and an incredible chicken milanesa with a thin breaded crust and served with fresh french fries. 

Prices more..

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accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible. Easy access from commercial district and only 2 blocks off the Plaza de Armas
tel:(042) 52 2104
address:Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey #298

La Olla Vieja

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A new restaurant opened in Tarapoto in January 2008 called La Olla Vieja (The Old Pot).  Co-owner Milagros, a Peru native, has been cooking this food for years, having been one of the original cooks at Cafe de Mundo down the street.  The pizza served at La Olla Vieja is a cracker-thin crust cooked in a brick oven out in the back yard by the other co-owner Werner, a German immigrant who is honing his horno skills. 

Each meal is accompanied by a serving of pan al ajo (garlic bread) that is more..

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accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible. Easy access from commercial district and only 1-1/2 blocks off the Plaza de Armas
address:Alegria Arias de Morey #228

El Brassero

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El Brassero is a small restaurant just a block and a half up the street from the Plaza de Armas -- located on the right hand side of the street at Jr. San Pablo de la Cruz #254.

Known for meat cooked over an open fire, El Brassero can be counted on for excellent anticuchos.  Diners who are not into cows heart on a stick can order La Brochetas con Pecho de Pollo (2 skewers of chicken breast with bell peppers, onions, and pineapple chunks roasted over the fire), or even a hamburger with french fries. 

It might be more..

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accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible. Parking on the street.
tel:(042) 52-2700
address:Jr. San Pablo de la Cruz #254

Chifa Tai Pai

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Chinese food never tasted better than at Chifa Tai Pai. only 1-1/2 blocks uphill from the Plaza de Armas.  Recommended dishes include Pollo con salsa curry (chicken with curry sauce), Pollo con yuyo (chicken with veggies and truffles), Chop Suey (chicken with vegitables topped with stripps of fried eggs.  For a group of three or four, Tai Pai has the house specialty, Tai Pai a la Plancha.  It has everything but the kitchen sink, with a mushroom sauce over everything that ties all the flavors together in perfection.  There aren“t too many Chinese more..

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accessibility:Wheelchair accessible. Only two blocks off he Plaza de Armas.
tel: (042) 52 4393
address:Jr. Rioja #252

Chifa Cam-Lu

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Chifa Cam-Lu is a fairly new restaurant located at Jr. Alegria Arias de Morey #139.  But it's owners are not new to the Chinese food business with their restaurant Chifa Central.  Chifa Cam-Lu has a couple of televisions for customers who want to catch the soccer game.  And there is good seating for groups.  The decor is rather lacking, but the price is cheap.

Food at Chifa Cam-Lu overall is good.  Their fried wontons are not very good, but the fried rice with chicken is excellent.  So it depends on what one is more..

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accessibility:Wheelchair accessible. Parking on street difficult, but easy access by foot. One block from Plaza de Armas
tel:(042) 52-3004
address:Jr. Alagria Arias de Morey #139
PriceOfMenu:Cheap lunch. Inexpensive dinner.

La Concha de sus Mares

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A seafood and fish place in the middle of the jungle?  That's right, and La Concha de sus Mares is a very good one too.  The restaurant owned by Teresa Culque specializes in seafood and all types of fish. 

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accessibility:Not wheelchair accessible. Parking off the street for motorcycles only. Street parking on Jr. Morey for cars.
address:Jr. Camilla Morey #250 at the intersection of Jr. Grau
PriceOfMenu:Cheap to Reasonable
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