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Inkaterra Canopy

Inkaterra Canopy

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Tambopata National Reserve is located in the department of Madre de Dios, close to Cusco, Peru.

In this amazing reserved area we can find 1,234 types of butterflies, 592 species of birds, 152 varieties of dragonflies, 135 kinds of ants, 127 species of amphibians, 103 types of mammals, 94 species of fish, 74 kinds of reptiles, 40 species of termites and 39 varieties of bees. Amongst these are 13 endangered species including the intelligent jaguar, the charismatic giant otter, the ocelot, the harpy eagle and others.

One of the highlights for tourists, Scientifics and locals is the famous macaw clay lick or "Colpa de Guacamayos". This collpas attract many macaws and small parrots every day eat that clay that contains different mineral salts that will help in their diets.

There are daily flights from Lima and Cusco to Puerto Maldonado that is why this is an excellent option to combine an archaeological trip with the rainforest. There are different companies offering services tour packages. Without doubt the most reliable tour operators are Inkanatura Travel that manages Sandoval Lake lodge www.inkanatura.com, Rainforest Expeditions that operates Posada Amazonas www.perunature.com or Inkaterra that manages Reserva Amazonica www.inkaterra.com.

A 3 days/2 night’s program is highly recommended. This kind of programs include transfers, accommodation, full board guided jungle walks where will encounter a large variety of trees and plants as well as seeing many different insects and birds. Some of them also include a trip an oxbow lake as Sandoval Lake.


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