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A nice pool for a hot weather

A nice pool for a hot weather

F. Medina

Pisco is a nice little fishing village on the Pacific Coast., about 3-4 hrs south by car from Lima.  The beaches are neither very clean, nor very safe at night, but the place makes an excellent base for visiting the wildlife around Paracas and also has some archeological interest, though most of the really interesting stuff has been shipped off to Lima. Be aware at the bus terminals since it's a place where touts are waiting to fool the tourists!

A place worth seeing from the city of Pisco is  taking a boat to the outlying islands of Ballestas.   These islands offshore from Pisco are sometimes called the "Poorman Galapagos".  They are these rocky formations, some of them have these interesting stone carvings with different designs, such as chandeliers and stuff.  These islands have a lot of sea lions and all sorts of different  birds,so many that in the past the nitrates from the birds droppings was  collected (for gunpowder and for fertilizing).

The boat is best taken in the morning, as in the afternoon the water is a bit rougher...the roundtrip from Pisco is about 2-3 hrs....

Further down from Pisco, there is the city of Ica...which also has the small wine country for Peru.  Between  Pisco and Ica, there are many Pisco shops on the way.  Pisco is the national alcoholic drink in Peru, made with grape skins and fermented.

From Ica one can visit the Reserva Paracas.    And further down is the Nazca Lines. You can arrange small tours from Ica airport to fly and check out the drawings from the sky. 


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