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Channels of Cantayo

Channels of Cantayo

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The Nasca Lines in the Ingenio Valley are the main reason why most people visit the town of Nasca. The famous lines were etched onto the surface of the desert, probably between 1500 and 2000 years ago. The technique was to remove large dark-colored stones and expose the lighter patches just below the surface. The lines depict not only parallels and geometrical patterns, but also animals, fish and birds, as well as more abstract figures ranging in size from about 300 ft/90 m to several miles/kilometers in length.

Because the designs can only be seen clearly from the air, the artists never had the chance to see their completed works. Getting to see the lines means flying in a small plane seating 4 to 10 persons. Unfortunately the small planes can be rather hard on the stomach, so if you have an inclination to air sickness, eat afterwards or carry your lunch in a bag home. There is also a small tower next to the Pan-American Highway, which allows views of a couple of the lines.

Also there are some very interesting pre-Columbian cemeteries close to town, which looters have dug up, looking for artifacts. The desert is strewn with bones, pottery shards and pieces of ancient ceramics. A few intact mummies can also be found there, sitting exposed in the desert.

A few kilometers away, the site of Kahuachi, the capital of the ancient Nasca culture, was similarly "excavated" by looters.

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Pampas Galeras Vicuña Reserve

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The Vicuña National Park of Pampas Galeras is located about 90 kilometres from the city of Nasca (598 m.a.s.l), following a steep/winding road that leads high into the Andes till an elevation of 4200 m.a.s.l. This area is home of two American camels, the Vicuñas and Guanacos, which can be seen running freely through the Andean plateau. Unlike their cousins the Llamas and Alpacas, the Vicuñas and Guanacos are wild animals, they have not been domesticated and have adapted to high altitudes where drought and freezing nights are the natural rules. The Vicuña Reserve of Pampas more..

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accessibility:By land
openingHours:8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
address:Ignacio Morsesky 126

Cerro Blanco

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Cerro Blanco is so far the higest sand dune in the world, it s located on the eastern part of Nazca, some 9 kms away from the mordern Nazca town. The dune is about 2000 metres above sea level and offers great views of the Andes and the Nazca Valley. In order reach the summit one must walk for about 3 hours, passing unique natural scenaries, the gorgeous dunes around allows you to practice sand boarding very easily.This is a tour a highly reccommemd.

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openingHours:7:00 am to 9:00 pm
address:Ignacio Morsesky 126 - Nazca
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