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When you visit the city of Nazca, we highly recommend you to visit the Museum Antonini, located just few blocks from down town. The Antonini museum displays ancient remains from the Nazca Culture found at the archaeological site of Cahuachi. For over 20 years Italian Archaeologist Giusepe Orefeci has been working at this ceremonial site and has found several interesting remains, including well preserve mummies, colorful ceramics, textiles, weapons, and many other relics, which can be seen at the museum. At the site archaeologists also have found the rest of great pyramyds and temples, which are being reconstructed today. Cahuachi is very important, as this was the ancient capital of the Nazca culture, the people who are credited for the creation of the Nazca Lines. Archaelogist are pretty sure that the key to solve the mystery of the Nazca Lines lies under the temples of Cahuachi. Don't miss this museum if you are in Nazca.

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Antonini Museum

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Museum Antonini in Nazca
Museum Antonini in Nazca
photo by: Enrique Levano from

The Antonini Museum was inaugurated on 7th July 1999, and today has on display over 300 ancient pieces from the Nazca Culture. The Archaeological Museum Antonini is run by the Italian Centre Studi e Richerce Archeologiche Precolombiane, which preserve and analyze the treasure heritage of the Nazca Valley, as a product of the archaeological excavations carried out by the “Nazca Project”, at the ceremonial centre of Cahuachi and other important archaeological zones at the Nazca River Basin since 1982.

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accessibility:By taxi
openingHours:8:00 hrs. to 20. hrs.
address:Av. De la Cultura 600

Mari Reiche Museum

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Museum Maria Reiche
Museum Maria Reiche
photo by: Enrique Levano from Mystery Peru

We recommend also to visit this little museum, located near the desert, where the Nazca Lines were made. This was the place that housed Dra. Maria Reiche for many years, from here she used to leave every day to the desert in order to study the Nazca Lines and figures. Maria Reiche dedicated over 50 years of her life to study, protec and measure the Nazca Lines. At the little museum you will be able to see Maria's recihe pictures , including her all maerial work she used when alive. She died in 1998, and her grave lies at the museum.

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accessibility:by road
openingHours:7:00 am to 5:00 pm
address:Panamericana km418

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