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Plane for the Nazca Lines

Plane for the Nazca Lines

Enrique Levano

Nazca lies 450km south of Lima. Max Uhle, a German archaeologist excavated in the beginning of the twentieth century. You can see some of the mummies in a sort of scary setting, but most people come for the lines, which were from 1939 to 1998 studied by Maria Reiche, another German scientist. Even though the real purpose of these masterworks of ancient technology and art is until today not clear.

Nazca and the flights over the lines can be pretty annoying during high-season (July and August). The practice at the airport is: who pais more gets in first. So it may be, that you have a reservation for a certain time, someone else offers more money and your company tells you, that your flight has been canceled. To avoid this the best is to come not in these two month, prices fall in low season down to 25-30$ instead of 50-65$. Try to book directly at the airlines rather than a tour agency or even better book a package (transport, flight, hotel, cemetery etc.) from another town, which is often even cheaper.

Note: You should not eat directly before you take the flight. The pilots are very kind and want to show each passenger (on left and on the right site of the plane) the figures. Therefor the trip becomes a ride on a roller coaster. Anyhow nobody should miss this experience! The lines are stunning from above.

The other face of Nazca is exploring a half day tour on mountain bike tours in pristine and impresive foot hills, join us to live the stunning zone with personalized service, fluent english speak guide we met a lovely guide very friendly attentive charm Fredy that he works for Alegria Tours he speaks very good English, French, Spanish, and Quechua - the native Peruvian language.

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