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 Islas Palomino or Palomino Islands

Not known by general public until recently, Islas Palomino is one of the nicest excursions you can take in Lima. Featured as an alternative to Islas Ballestas (Ballestas Islands), for people unable to go to Paracas  (a roundtrip of seven hours from Lima), Islas Palomino is just an hour on board a yacht from the historical port of Callao, which in its turn is just half an hour from the center. The tour takes full 4 hours and you'll also get to know Isla San Lorenzo(San Lorenzo Island),  Isla El Frontón (El Fronton Island), and Isla Cavinzas (Cavinzas Islands) islands full of old and recent history; and the most exciting, the fabulous and friendly sea lions of the cold peruvian sea; the amazing Humboldt penguins (quite similar in looks and size to the Magellanic penguins); and many other sea birds species. You can swim along these young and playful sea lions as well, if you want it too.

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