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Beach at Huanchaco, Peru, on the Pacific Ocean. 2006.10.14

Beach at Huanchaco, Peru, on the Pacific Ocean. 2006.10.14

Jeffrey Maxwell

Huanchaco is located at 10 minutes from Trujillo, main city at the northern coast of Peru, and has the best known surfing waves in the South Pacific. It is visited by thousands of turists because of nearby Chan Chan, the largest clay city in the world, built by the Mochican centuries before the Inca empire.

Huanchaco is an extraordinary place that will undoubtedly blow your mind. It is one of those lost paradises in the world that have subsisted throughout time.

It is a small bay watched from a crest of a mountain by an imposing colonial church, with a fascinating and centennial wharf.
A picturesque fishing cove, Huanchaco preserves the daily use of the “little reed horse” (caballito de totora), the oldest marine ship of America and local fishermen maintain the uses and customs used from the beginning of human history, in this part of the South Pacific.



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