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Huancayo - Surrounding Area

Huancayo - Surrounding Area

Stuart Starrs

Huancayo is located in the beautiful Mantaro Valley. It is an important center for inland Peru, and many people from the villages around bring their handicrafts to the markets of Huancayo. The Sunday market is therefore a treat for everyone with a camera. Along  Huancavelica Av. there are stalls with clothes, fruits, vegetables and handicrafts for miles and miles.

Furthermore, Huancayo is an excellent base for exploring the valley. Torre-Torre, just out of town, has sandstone towers on a hillside. Cochas Chico and Cochas Grande are good places for buying handicrafts. The Wednesday market in San Jeronimo is the best place to buy silver filigree jewelry.

Huancayo has several beautiful places to enjoy as their natural lands, ruins, churches, lakes, etc. (if you want somebody honest, nice, friendly and informed guide in English, Japanese or Spanish contact Hernán Fukuda a local Huancaino guide tel.0081 (064) 23 88 48. He also provides you acomodation and guides you to anywhere you want to explore or if you just want to take his English Spanish or Japanese lessons he is the right guy!!). この方は日本語を話せます。Enjoy Huancayo 100% and take the most beautiful and hilarius pics you've ever took before!! or just listen the wonder stories you haven't heard before about Huancayo.



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