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Shamanism lives in Huancabamba

Shamanism lives in Huancabamba


When it comes to being isolated, there aren’t too many towns that beat Huancabamba. A small city in the Northern Andes of Peru, it only has got a bus connection to one city (Piura) on one very tight road. It’s got its share of mototaxi traffic, and it does attract some national tourism macking  it  more lively than one would expect. Best know for the Shamans who live higher up the mountain, the town can be a good base to explore the region. Some of the sacred lakes or lagunas – used for ritual bathing - can be reached quite easily. The city is beautifully located in a lush green vally full of little plots and eucalyuptus trees.

The road there is one of its main attractions, with even the busses stopping from time to time to give passengers the chance to admire the landscape. The trip isn’t for the feeble minded though, as the road is in bad shape. It feels like the bus might fall down the canyon at any given curve. The views really are wonderful, particularly around the mountain pass where every drop of water has te decide to head to the close by Pacific through the desert or through the jungle all the way to the Atlantic.

It is also possible to go down the mountain in the direction of Jaén. On this -very poor- road you can stop at Tabaconas, from where it is possible to visit the Sanctuario Nacional Tabaconas Namballe. The road gives out to the San ignacioJaén highway. There you can head north to San Ignacio and Ecuador, or south to Jaén. From Jaén the road goes east to Chachapoyas and the Amazon area or west, back to Piura and Chiclayo.


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