Things to do in Cuzco

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Yohay Elam

There are many things to do around Cuzco. Except all the ruins from the Inca times, and the Spanish buildings, Cuzco of today offers the tourist almost everything. Cuzco is sometimes considered the touristic capital of the continent.
From Cuzco you go and tour the various junlges, i.e. Puerto Maldonado, Manu. Many trekking options are available, such as Inca trail, Slakatay trek, Ausangate, and many more, less popular.

Various adventerous sports are also taken from Cuzco. High class rafting is done on the Apurimac and Urubamba rivers.
Bungee jumping, paragliding canyoning, skydiving and other stuff can all be done through a Cuzco travel agent.

These things are done outside the city, as a day / half day excursion. Prices usually include transportation.

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photo by: Yohay Elam

Paragliding is a great experience in Cuzco. Thermals are strong, and the views are great.
It is done either near Chinchero or near Pisaq. The flight itself takes 15-45 minutes, it depends on your luck. It feels much more stable that it looks. The pilots take care of everything, and you just look around the beautiful valley.

The whole excursion can take many hours. If there is a big group, it takes as long as 8 hours. Each time the pilots are in the air, the other are waiting till they finish their flight, fold the equipment, and drive back to the jumping point. Another more..

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