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Chirsto Blanco at sunset.  2006.05.08

Chirsto Blanco at sunset. 2006.05.08

Jeffrey Maxwell

Cuzco was the capital of the Inca empire and can be considered Peru's tourist capital today because of the rich Incan heritage. Many of the streets in the city center are lined with buildings containing whole parts of ancient Inca walls. The streets are often stepped, narrow and crowded and probably don't look that different from those in earlier days.

The heart of Cuzco is on the plaza de armas. The Avenida de Sol, leading roughly speaking south-east from the plaza is the main business street. To the north and the east of the Plaza de Armas you find the old quarters of Cuzco.  Cuzco houses three reasonably good museums that are worth a visit.  The markets of Cuzco are great for getting Indian craftwork. The Plaza San Blas is one of the best places to see it made. The street leading up to it has a lot of shops.

Many of the sights in Cuzco itself stem from Colonial Times, there are quite a few interesting churches and old mansions. The main Inca sights are to be found at the Coricancha - the golden courtyard. And of course Machu Picchu is close by and an ideal excursion from Cuzco.

Incan ruins are a main attraction around the area of Cuzco.  The most popular of which is Sachsayhuaman the head of the puma that the city was designed to represent.  Sacsayhuaman (alternately spelled sacsaywaman), is the closest and most important of the archeological sites near Cusco.  Many tourists make a day of the four main archeological attractions, which can be found on a single admissions ticket sold in the city.  Puca Pucara and Tambo Machay followed by Qenko and Sacsayhuaman makes a nice tour of the area, and will offer an appetizer to those headed out to Machu Picchu later.  Stop by the Christo Blanco (White Chirst) next to Sacsayhuaman for an excellent view over the city of Cuzco. 


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