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Boat on the Río Paraguay

Boat on the Río Paraguay

joost schouppe

Concepcion is an attractive frontier town on the Rio Paraguay, but isn´t worth a detour.
It is however often used to catch a boat upriver, in the direction of the Pantanal of Brazil. There used to be boats crossing the Pantanal proper, going all the way to Corumbá, but this is rarely possible now. Taking a boat on the Paraguay is still quite an adventure though, because the passenger boats are freight ships too. It´s a good way to live the couleur locale, but you should start your trip by starting to look for a hammock to spend the night in. It is an extremely cheap option for a river cruise (about 5 dollars per day on board), but if you are en route to Brazil (that means getting of at Isla Margarita / Porto Morinho) you won´t get to see much wildlife. Better sightings are more upstream, from where you may or may not find onward transport to Brazil.


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