When to Go in Ciudad del este

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Experience the Temperamental Climate of Ciudad del Este

When planning a visit to Ciudad del Este, when to go is a significant aspect to consider. However, be assured that whatever the time of year you plan to visit the city, you will experience its temperamental subtropical climate. Such climate is not suitable for everyone, so make sure to read the following guide in order to make the best decision possible. In general, Ciudad del Este has 2 distinct seasons, with a transitional month between each of them.


The summer in Ciudad del Este lasts from October to March. Usual daily temperatures are about 32 degrees Celsius, but it’s not impossible for the temperature to reach 38 to 40 degrees Celsius on certain days. At the same time, precipitation level is very high, with rainfall reaching a monthly value of 19cm. The combination between heat and high humidity is what causes discomfort among travelers. The heat is additionally strengthened by a warm wind blowing from the northeast.


The winter lasts from May to August, and there is a significant drop in temperatures. However, the temperature still maintains high levels of about 24 degrees Celsius. A drop below 0 degree Celsius is almost impossible. The rainfall remains abundant, and fog is frequently present when humidity builds up. Cold wind blows from the south throughout the whole winter. Sometimes the wind reaches extreme speeds, with a maximum speed of 160 km per hour being recorded a couple of times.

Transitional Months

The transitional months are April and September. The weather is unstable and constantly changing, so they are not very suitable for traveling.

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