Travel Guide in Ciudad del este

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If you plan to explore the eastern reaches of Paraguay up to the Brazilian border, you'll do well to read a Ciudad del este travel guide before you leave for your trip. Ciudad del Este is the second largest city in Paraguay, with a population of around 400,000. It's located on the border with Brazil, and is connected to the Brazilian city of Foz by the Friendship Bridge over the Parana river. Unfortunately, this city has developed the reputation of being a dangerous place, and it is home to some of the largest international crime organizations and a thriving black market for smuggled electronics. Still, if you are cautious, you can travel to this city and see some of the wonderful culture and sights that Paraguay has to offer.

Salto del Monday

The Salto del Monday is a cluster of waterfalls that lie on the Paraguayan side of the Brazilian border. They are considered the smaller "brother" to the Iguassa Falls, which are located on the Brazilian side. Both are easily accessible from Ciudad del Este and provide a gorgeous view of the natural scenery of the area.

Folk Markets

Any trip to Ciudad del Este is incomplete without a stop at one of the cities' many folk and textile markets. Avoid the black market areas where electronics and other goods are sold, and stick to the parts of town where crafts and other handmade goods can be found. This is an excellent way to both see the culture of the city and to pick up beautiful souvenirs for your return trip.

Tati Yupi

A biological reserve located a few miles outside of the city, Tati Yupi is home to many of the region's native plant and animal species. It's a good place for any adventure seeker or outdoor enthusiast to visit to get a real sense of the Paraguayan experience.

If you plan to travel to Ciudad del Este, be sure to consult with the travel board in your home country for warnings of terrorist and criminal activity in the city. It's advised that you do not bring small children or elderly travelers with you, and stick to hotels that are located in the scenic and safe Parana Country Club area. As long as you take necessary precautions to ensure your own safety and that of the others with you, you'll find that this city is a beautiful gateway to the Paraguayan culture and experience.

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