Top 5 Must Do's in Ciudad del este

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Any trip to Paraguay should involve some of the following Ciudad del Este must do's. The Ciudad del Este is located in the Alto Parana area of Paraguay, and is the second largest city in the country. It's full of interesting cultural sites and is close to the border of Brazil, making it a good stopping point for tourists who are continuing through. Read on for a few of the must-do sites in this city.

1. Friendship Bridge

Ciudad del Este means "City of the East" in Spanish, and the location of this city on the map of Paraguay will indicate its relevance to the name. The city is on the border with Brazil in the east, and Ciudad del Este connects with the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu by the Friendship Bridge. While this bridge is not the most scenic part of Paraguay, it's an important monument and an active bridge that connects these two neighboring countries. Information about the history of the bridge and the border is available at the site.

2. Lago Republica

The Republic Lake, as it's known in English, is a beautiful lake in the center of downtown Ciudad del Este. It's ideal for walking and enjoying the many sites of this city, or if you need to get away from the frantic downtown area.

3. Downtown Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este sports a thriving market economy that is responsible for generating well over half of Paraguay's domestic income. The city feels at times like a much larger area; it's been likened to a developing nation's Times Square by people who have looked up to see the many flashing lights and busy signs. It makes an ideal area to explore and go shopping, but beware of pickpockets and other dangers.

4. Iguassu Falls

Just outside of the city, there is a dramatic and beautiful landscape with the Iguassu falls. These waterfalls are related to the dam of the same name, and are known for their idyllic beauty.

5. Las Cataratas

Another set of waterfalls just outside of Ciudad del este, Las Cataratas are easily accessible as well.

Ciudad del Este is a dangerous place and should not be visited by the unprepared. The United States government suspects terrorist activity in this city, and it's known to be a headquarters for many international crime organizations. Still, it's a beautiful and culturally vibrant city that can be enjoyed by those who take the precautions necessary for safety.

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