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Any trip to Paraguay should include a mix of different Ciudad del Este sights. The "City of the East," as it's named in Spanish, is on the border of Brazil, and is connected via an important "Friendship Bridge" to the Brazilian city of Foz. Although Ciudad del Este is known for being a home of smugglers of various types, it's nonetheless an attractive tourist destination.

Itaipu Dam

The dam was the largest hydroelectric project to have taken place in South America in recent years, and it has provided a valuable source of energy and profit for both Brazil and Paraguay. The dam itself is situated in a beautiful location, and it's also connected to the beautiful Iguassu Falls, just outside the city proper.

Salto del Monday

The Salto del Monday waterfalls are located on the Paraguayan side of the dam, just outside of Ciudad del Este. It can be difficult to find your way to these gorgeous, scenic falls on your own, but any cab driver or tourist organization will know the way and can lead you there for a small fee.

Tati Yupi

Tati Yupi is a biological reserve located just a few miles outside of central Ciudad del Este. This reserve is home to a wide variety of native plants and animals, and serves as a primary research center for biologists in the area. Daytime passes are inexpensive and allow you to explore the territory, with several sets of rules and important guidelines in tow.


While the largest market in Ciudad del Este is the black market for electronics and other goods, it's inadvisable for foreigners to shop at this market. The reasons include danger to your health and safety and legal repercussions. Instead, try your hand at the local handicraft markets located throughout the city. These make the perfect place to see a bit of authentic Paraguayan culture and to experience shopping and bartering in the city.

Ciudad del Este is known to be a hub for different international crime organizations, and the United States government watches out for terrorist organization activity in this city of 400,000 people. It's understandably not the safest place in the world, and so it's very important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your trip there is perfectly safe and as inconspicuous as possible. Ask the Paraguayan tourist board or a travel agency in the United States for additional guidelines and information.

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