Practical Information in Ciudad del este

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Given that the main local languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese, Ciudad del Este practical information is great to have. Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting this city in Paraguay.

Visa Requirements

Be aware that Ciudad del Este is a city that has very close access to Argentina and Brazil, so it is important that not only that you always carry your passport, but also that you do due diligence in checking with local customs and authorities about your visa or stamp requirements. Most authorities are understanding that there is such a massive flow of foreign tourists, that they have to be a bit lenient with requirements, however, never test your luck as you could be fined or deported.

Carry Small Change

Never flash a big wad of money around Ciudad del Este. Not only will you bring unnecessary and unwanted attention to yourself, but you will dramatically increase your chances of becoming the victim of a pickpocket. Always carry smaller bills. If you plan to visit Argentina or Brazil, make sure to have local currency as not to waste time having to negotiate an exchange rate. Most locals accept Argentinean pesos or Brazilian reais, as they are the stronger currencies, however, this is not true for every single person.

Avoid Driving

Having a car in Ciudad del Este is more of a disadvantage rather an advantage, because parking space is very limited and expensive within the city. If you do insist on driving, it is best that you carry an international driver's permit with you at all times because this is the most common form of proving your driving ability in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

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