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If you're traveling through the eastern portion of Paraguay, you may wish to stop and get a taste of Ciudad del Este nightlife. While this city is small by American standards, it boasts the second largest population of any Paraguayan city, at just under 400,000 people. It's a place full of smugglers and other unwanted types, but there is still a vibrant nightlife. As with any other developing country, it's crucial that you take the precautions to be safe: do not accept drinks, drugs or any offers from people you do not know, and be especially careful to avoid dangerous situations.

Gran Casino

The Gran Casino is the central downtown area, and the hub of all nightlife in the city of Ciudad del Este. There are several popular bars and areas around here, ranging from the Cerca del Rio, a popular bar, to discotheques like Versus and Gran Casino del Parana. These places are inexpensive and are appropriate for the young to middle-aged traveler looking for a night out on the town. They are not advised for children or older travelers, however.


District 1 is known to be a safer and slightly less active part of Ciudad del Este. Bunker is a popular bar in this part of town. If you're concerned about the safety of your party in the Gran Casino area, stick to District 1 and Bunker for your night.


If you are older or if you have a family that you're traveling with, it's perhaps best to avoid the bar scene and the discos altogether. Habibi is a traditional cafeteria with a bar at the Parana Country Club in Ciudad del Este. It's arguably one of the safest spots in the city, and is home to a welcoming Lebanese family that will treat you to excellent food and drink at affordable prices.

Ciudad del Este is not known around the world, nor even around the country, as a hub of nightlife. It's a relatively small city, and there isn't much to do at night. However, these spots do become pretty active, and are appropriate for the more adventurous tourist. Remember to thoroughly research all areas where you plan to travel before you arrive in order to ensure that you're adequately prepared and in a safe situation at all times. Consult the Paraguayan tourist board for more information.

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