Hotels in Ciudad del este

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Ciudad del Este hotels are not known around the world--or even around the country--for their fine accommodation. This city is very poor and relatively small, and the result is that there are few, if any, nice hotels. Considering that luxury hotels by Paraguayan standards may even be somewhat decrepit by foreign standards, it's crucial that you investigate your options and read plenty of reviews before you book any places to stay in Ciudad del Este. Read on for a few of the top hotels in this eastern Paraguayan city.

Las Ventanas

Like the other hotels on this list, Las Ventanas lies in the Parana Country Club portion of town. This area is known to be the nicest and safest part of all of Ciudad del Este. However, this designation should be taken with a grain of salt, as all of the city is relatively unsafe in comparison with many other parts of the world. Las Ventanas, however, has the benefit of having been built within the last few years, so the facilities are relatively nice and new.

Hotel La Tour

Another hotel in the Parana Country Club part of the city, Hotel La Tour is not known for excellent service or a prime location. However, this hotel tends to be one of the quietest in the city, and has very cheap and clean accommodations. This hotel is a good choice for someone looking for a tranquil getaway from the fast-paced downtown Ciudad del Este.

Hotel Casablanca

The nicest hotel in all of Ciudad del Este is located on the Parana river. It has beautiful views of the scenery surrounding the hotel and the river in particular. Be careful, however, when you book a room at this hotel, as there are multiple parts of the hotel, some of which are much nicer than others. Book one of the fancier rooms, and make sure that they place you in the room that you paid for when you arrive.

Although there are also hotels and a few hostels located in the downtown area of Ciudad del Este proper, its inadvisable for any tourist to explore these areas. The combination of the dangers of the city and the low quality of the rooms makes these accommodations less than attractive to most tourists who pass through.

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