Festivals in Ciudad del este

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Colorful Festivals in Cuidad del Este

Cuidad del Este festivals
occur every year, and many tourists look forward to them. This City of the East in Paraguay comes alive especially in February and July, which are the official festival months. You can enjoy the rich culture, ethnic dances and delicious cuisine during these months. Being the center of commerce in Paraguay, this city has a string of festivals each year.

San Blas Fiestas

This festival is celebrated in February with colorful costumes and dances. This Holy Week Festival starts with a parade of the image of the patron saint, San Blas, in the main streets of the city. Vehicles usually line up for the traditional blessing conducted by the Bishop or a designated priest. Local residents believe this Catholic religious ritual reflects their devotion to the patron saint. Festivities follow the colorful parade.

Festival of San Juan

This is a festival celebrated by fire walking and burning of the image of Judas Iscariot. Other similar rituals follow around national cities as people celebrate as part of the Semana Santa festival. This is the Holy Week Festival, which Christians all over the world celebrate every year. Cuidad del Este has a unique way of incorporating this religious festival into their own culture and way of life. Tourists flock to witness this unusual and thrilling festival. Aside from having a Catholic population, the city has also mosques and pagodas demonstrating the presence of Taiwanese and Islamic influences. The festival is respected by all locals in the area.

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