Eating Out in Ciudad del este

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Taste the Simplicity of Paraguay in Ciudad del Este

Experience the simplicity of Paraguayan cuisine at Ciudad del Este restaurants. Ciudad del Este means "City of the East." The restaurants in this South American city have a true passion for everything fresh. The knack to make something fabulous out of simple food products like rice and beans is truly commendable. To explore the flavors and the simplicity of the cuisine in Ciudad del Este, visit Bovolo.


Stroll into the Boqueron Avenue restaurant and prepare yourself for a culinary treat like no other. You might not find high-profile and upscale restaurants in Ciudad del Este, but the dining experience offered at Bovolo will win your heart. This is the most famous dining place in the downtown area of Ciudad del Este. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the rich to the middle class and from the locals to the tourists, everyone flocks to this restaurant due to its reputation in the art of cooking and serving memorable meals.


Try the Brazilian-influenced meat and egg casserole. Fava beans served with fresh greens and pork are another must try. The chicken or beef stew is best complemented by the freshly baked garlic bread. The beef noodles are served with spicy tapioca fries. The cured meat dishes taste heavenly, and the smoked hams are popular all over Paraguay. For dessert, taste the corn pudding and the chocolate mash. The tuberose-flavored ice cream is another must try.

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