Bars and Cafes in Ciudad del este

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Ciudad del Este bars and cafes offer visitors a chance to experience the unique South American wild nightlife experience. With neighbors like Brazil and Argentina, this town is quiet popular. Considered to be the second largest town in Paraguay, you are sure to have the time of your life here. During the day, the town has a village like atmosphere, but after the sun goes down, it transforms into a party hub.

Space Disco

Do not expect to see a lot of sit down, low key bars in Ciudad del Este. The bar scene is dominated by places like the Space Disco. This is the most popular bar in all of Ciudad del Este. It is located in the Shopping Mirage, which is a well known area. During weekends, the bar stays open way past midnight. The interiors are done up to resemble an upscale bar and dance club. The bartenders and the barmaids keep the guests entertained with the mixing and shaking of cocktails and fire tactics.

Electrifying Atmosphere

The bar is famous for its highly electrifying atmosphere. This is the ultimate party destination for the youngsters in Ciudad del Este. The dance floor is right next to the bar. Space Disco dedicates Fridays for the fairer sex. The ladies nights are quite a hit amongst the locals. Disco is the theme here, and the DJ sets the dance floor on fire with some great music. Live music bands perform here during the week.

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