Sights in Asuncion

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Most of the interesting buildings can be seen following the El Paraguayo Independiente. There are also a number of interesting museums and a few nice churches waiting to be visited. To get some rest you can visit one of the several parks.

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Museo National de Bellas Artes

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This museum exhibits a nice collection of Spanish paintings.

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address:Irturbe y Mcal Estigarribia
openinghours:7 am - 7 pm Tuesday - Friday, 8 am - 12 am Saturday and Sunday


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Nice and interesting church.

type:Churches and Cathedrals
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address:Plaza de la Independencia

Jardin Botanico

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The Botanical Garden is located six km in the eastern part of the city. The gardens used to belong to the Lopez family.

type:Parks & Gardens
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address:Av Artigas y Primer Presidente

Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno)

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The palace was constructed between 1860-1892. It was owned by the famous Lopez family. It reminds most visitors of Versailles. keren: I think it looks very beautiful

type:Colonial buildings and monuments
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openinghours:Only Sunday

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