Things to do in Quito

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Visit the new Quito's attraction "TELEFERICO" this cable car takes you all the way up to enjoy the magnificent view of the near by Valleys and the Snow Covered volcanoes.

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Visit Quito Zoo

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Quito Zoo is actually a hour or so out of the city in Guayllabamba but still easy to get to - buses to Cayambe pass the turn off.  It focuses almost exclusively on native animals and is a way to see the shyer and rarer ones such as puma and ocelot that you are unlikely to see in the wild.  Also a chance to see condors, macaws and various types of monkey much closer than in their natural habitat.

The zoo is family-friendly with a special section for children and a picnic area.  Be warned that the cafe is not always open so don't rely on more..

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