Getting Around in Quito

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The capital city of Ecuador, Quito, is well known for its effective public transportation transportation. There are a lot of options to choose from. Depending on your starting point and your destination, one might be better than the other. Here's a quick review of the major transportation options in Quito.


The bus rapid transit system of Quito, known as the MetrobusQ or just Metrobus, is really useful when you've to travel from the North to the South of the city, or viceversa, as fast as possible. It is formed by 3 lines. The green line, also known as El Trole or trolebus; the red line, also known as Ecovia, runs through the city's northeast sector; the blue line runs through the northwest part of the city.


There are several buses running throughout the city. Be aware that there is no official schedule for the bus system, however you can expect a bus to pass nearby a stop every 10 minutes or so. Pay attention to the names of the landmarks that are posted on the windshield of the bus to know where the bus stops. Buses are great when traveling to and from the Centro Historico, or to and from the Avenida Amazonas.

Taxi vs Private Taxi

In Quito there are over 8,000 registered taxicabs. In general, cabs are usually yellow, but you may encounter a couple green ones. However, there are some cabs that don't have any color at all. In Quito some "private taxi" companies operate as some people try to make extra income. These cab companies, such as Taxi Amigo, operate only by appointment. Locals often prefer to use these private taxis because they feel that they are safer. Taxis are great when traveling at night or in the morning.

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