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Presidential Palace "Carondelet"

Presidential Palace "Carondelet"

With its central plaza (Plaza de la Independencia) at an elevation of 2,850 meters about  9.000 feet, Quito is the second highest capital in the world, after La Paz in Bolivia. High mountains, including an active volcano (Pichincha) loom around the city.

Some travelers consider it a very relaxing place and the best place in South America for studying Spanish.

The old town of Quito (called locally "El Centro" and, in publications, "Centro Histórico" or "Quito Colonial") is really special and should not be missed. It is full with museums, churches and other sights. It is also an area full of life.  Lots of small shops and eateries make it pleasant to stroll around.

Quito new attraction "TELEFERICO" is now open this Cable car takes you all the way up to see Quito's surrounding and the great valleys with snow covered volcanoes near by, take a nice cam with you and be ready to take hundreds of pictures. Also bring a sweater, as it gets cold up there.  The most incredible thing is that at 4000 meters at the Equator you still get green vegetation in the mountains...

it is truly quite a sight not to be missed.   To get to Teleferico  you need to take a bus or taxi to Occidente Avenue, and the Teleferico is located just before the  car tunnels which lead to the south side of Quito. 

The New Quito is along Mariscal district, a pretty safe area filled with all sorts of inexpensive Hostales or Posadas.  Excellent, inexpensive accommodations, and also many small shops and restaurants.  Mariscal is about  10 mins from Quito Airport.  Mariscal is increasingly becoming the most frequent touristy area in Quito.  Quito has plans for a new international airport east of town by year 2010.

Quito also offers an excellent transportation system....it is not quite a subway...but it is  an ecofriendly bus system which runs thru its main north/south thoroughfares, Ave 10 de Agosto, Ave America and Ave. 6 de Diciembre.   They run in exclusive lanes and have covered bus stops/stations...much in the same way as they do in Curitiba, Brazil.... and they are also fed via standard buses. Cost of the bus ride....25 cents! It is very easy to travel around and save some money.

There is also the terminal terrestre, the big bus station where one can catch buses to most of the cities near Quito in the Sierra (Andes Mountains)   For instance, a bus from Quito to Otavalo only costs US$2 one way for a 2 1/2 hr bus ride.

 Quito offers nice mountains, spring weather all year round and it also has a main transport hub ( because of its airport), so you might spend some time here and also consider doing daytrips from Quito to surrounding town and mountains. Quito is the capital, has the big government, embassies....Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador has the port and  is the financial district for the country. For more info on Guayaquil, go to the Guayaquil section


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