Nightlife and Entertainment in Guayaquil

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Guayaquil's Night Life is the most active in the country! Vibrant guayaquileƱos like to party until sunshine. A vast number of Restaurants, Discos, PeƱas and Bars are available for your enjoyment.

However bars and clubs can be expensive ($10-15 entry for men) and even if they are open bar, you can't possibly drink enough booze to offset the cost.  (You can get loaded off $1 bottles of rum easily.)  The bars are spread out across the city... there's no central area like Gringolandia (the Mariscal) in Quito or in Cuenca. 

The life in Guayaquil can be disappointing, especially if you don't have time enough to get to know the city geography well.

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The Urdesa sector, a high-middle class neighborhood where you can find restaurants, bars and discos of different prices and tastes, is a very recommended place for travellers to visit . The main strip here is Av. Victor Emilio Estrada, very crowded at all hours where fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominos are located, as well as other local restaurants such as La Tablita where you can have a nice piece of roast beef or a BBQ rib, potatos and a drink for $6 -$8, or Pollos Gus where you can get a 1/4 broasted chicken for $4, or Mariscos Azul where a nice more..

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address:Av. Victor Emilio Estrada
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