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Accommodation in Cuenca

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Hotel Crespo

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Located in the old part of the city, the beautiful Hotel Crespo is a bargain for North Americans who prefer first class accomodations. It overlooks Río Tomebamba and parque. The wooden interior is exquisite. Tropical hardwoods carved in Art Nouveau style grace the restaurant. The ceramic mural (pictured on their website) in the lobby is fantastic. The hotel doubles as an art gallery. Additionally, the staff is friendly and helpful. It lacks the amenities of many newer hotels (no spa or fitness center, limited business center), but Hotel Crespo provides four-star, full-service more..

type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
CostOfDoubleForANight:US$70 includes breakfast
address:Calle Larga 7-93

Hosteria Caballo Campana

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type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
address:CUENCA: sector Misicata (Baños) km4, Cuenca
CostOfDoubleForANight:USD 30-80