Top 5 Must Do's in Villa de Leyva

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If you are visiting Villa de Leyva, you might want to add this Villa de Leyva must do list to your already exciting things to do list.


There are lots of beautiful natural sites to see in Villa de Leyva. You can go on a guided Eco-tour around town. A wonderful place you can go to and explore is the natural sanctuary of flora and fauna at the lake of Iguaque. You can also take a trip to El Saltrillo and visit the Piedra Movida Guateque falls, the Moniquira River and the Guatoque canyon. The eco-tour will give you a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

Nocturnal Tour

It is also great to explore Villa de Leyva by night. Not because of the night entertainment and bars but because of the nocturnal wildlife you can visit. You can go on a guide tour and explore the desert of Villa de Leyva. You will be able to see nocturnal desert animals and exotic flora and fauna in the desert. You will also be amazed by the wide clear night skyline in the desert. You can also experience horseback riding by night in the dessert.

Historical Journey

Since Villa de Leyva is a historical colonial town in Colombia, you might as well go on a historical journey. There are lots of historical places and structure to see and visit within this town and it will take a whole day to do so. Places to visit on this journey would be the Acuna Museum, the El Carmen Church, the Villa de Leyva Cathedral, the House of Juan de Castellano, The Mill Mesopotamia and the Antonio Narini Museum. Remember to take your camera along.

See the Canyons

There are many canyons surrounding Villa de Leyva and you can explore it together with others in a guided tour. You can also ask your guide to go straight to the LA Honda Lake in Gachantiva for a refreshing dip and a good trek in the oak forest.

Rappel en Santa Sofia

If you love extreme adventure, you can go to Santa Sofia and try rappelling. First you will need to read and sign a written agreement before you can actually start your adventure. Places to explore are La Romera hole, the Blue Well Waterfall, La Chapa cave, Cresta de Gallo, Moniquira River and the famous steps of the angels.

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