Things to do in Villa de Leyva

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Some Villa de Leyva things to do are found just a short drive from the main square. There are beautiful nature walks to waterfalls, historic buildings and more to see. Check to see if there are any festivals when you are visiting and do not miss the food as this is one of the main attractions in town. Public transport is available to most, but not all, attractions.

Check A Kronosaurus

You can see a Kronosaurus fossil at El Fosil. This is a marine reptile that is more than 120 million years old. The fossil is of a baby and it is still lyying in the spot it was discovered. It is about 6 km to the west of the city and you can drive, walk or take the bus. If you take a taxi try to see the other nearby sights as this can be included in the fare.

Explore Santo Ecco Home

The convent del Santo Ecce Homo is on the way to El Fosil and is an adobe and stone building with a beautiful courtyard. It was built in 1620 by Dominican fathers. You can see fossil at the base of statues in the chapel and the stones in the floor contain petrified flowers and corn as they were mined from the local area. A section of the convent is an ethnography museum and you can see the dress and tools used by the Muisca Indians.

Get into History with Casa Museo de Antonio Narino

Antonio Narino was the father of the country’s independence movement and he lived in this house until 1823 when he passed away. He is famous for translating the Rights of Man by Thomas Paine into Spanish as well as defending human rights. His house is a museum that contains memorabilia and other colonial objects from his life. The house is open Thursday through Tuesday. This is a great place to learn about the culture and history of Colombia.

Enjoy at El Infiernito

El Infiernito, also known as Estacion Astronomica Muisca, is like Stonehenge but was important to Indians, and not the Celts. It has stood in this spot since early time. There are about 30 different stone monoliths that have sunken into the ground. They form two parallel lines. The Indians used them to determine the planting season and it was also a ritual site. To stop Indians from visiting the site the Spanish named it El Infiernito or "Little Devil." There is no available public transport but you can walk from El Fosil as it is only 8 km from Villa de Leyva.

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