Shopping in Villa de Leyva

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Besides historical sites, there are several Villa de Leyva shopping spots to check out. This town is not metropolitan, but more traditional. It is located about 3 hours from the larger Bogota in Columbia. It is a popular weekend getaway spot and a place to get away from the big city.


There are many stores that have arisen specifically to cater to the tourists. You can find many traditional crafts such as handbags, textiles, pottery, sweaters, ceramics and more. A particularly good spot for souvenirs is the Raquira village. You can reach this market town by bus, as it is under an hour from Villa de Leyva. The best day to visit is on Sunday, when the market is taking place.

Artisan Stores

While you can find many artisan or handicraft shops, the best place for such things is along the Plaza Mayor. Here you can find handmade sweaters, ponchos and basketry. Side Street Carrera 9 also has some of the best weaving stores. The prices are all very reasonable and all items are of the highest quality. Most of these stores are only open on the weekends, though they will open more during the tourist season.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday, the Plaza Mayor hosts the weekly farmer's market. You can find locally grown fruits and vegetables, have a little lunch, or pick up something for breakfast. The market does not have vendors that sell souvenirs or handicraft items, but you can find many odd fruits such as curubas, granadillas and lulos. Lulos are similar to mangos, granadillas come from passionflowers, and curubas which are another type of passion fruit. Something not to be missed is a giant avocado that is sliced open and salted so you can eat it immediately.


The jewelry and semiprecious stones are quite famous, particularly Colombian emeralds. Almost all of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia. Some main figures used in jewelry design include fish, flowers, jaguars, armadillos, fish, deer, shells, and turtles. The historic jewelry is called "tears of the moon" for silver pieces and the "sweat of the sun" for gold jewelry. You can also find a lot of historic jewelry and what is known as pre-Colombian jewelry that uses jade.


Flowers are one of the largest exports, and you can find them at all the street corners. In particular, you can find some very inexpensive yet gorgeous roses all year round in Villa de Leyva. The flowers purchased on the street tend to last a bit longer than those sold in stores, but they are all beautiful and offered at great prices.

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