Nightlife and Entertainment in Villa de Leyva

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It is no shock to see that the Villa de Leyva Nightlife is a lot different on the weekdays than on the weekend. For the most part, this town’s attraction for the Columbian populace is that they want to get away from the heavy atmosphere of the local capital of Bogotá. That being the case, the type of nightlife you may encounter will depend on what time of the week you are here. Two things are for certain: first, this place always has some type of entertainment when the sun begins to set, and second, visitors are especially welcome.

Weekday Nightlife

At the beginning of the week it may seem like Villa de Leyva is rather quiet at night, and for the most part, this happens to be true. This is a good time for those who want to have an easy and relaxing vacation to take advantage of. It is not uncommon to see visitors walking around the town, entertaining themselves with a simple mug of mulled wine. Another thing that can be true entertainment in Villa de Leyva is the sun setting on the magnificent old-style buildings.

People who are traveling here often like to interact and make their own parties happen. It is quite an inspiring experience to join in on a local get-together at the center plaza. The Plaza Mayor is where most of the gatherings tend to begin. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to make some new and interesting friends.

Weekend Nightlife

As the weekend rolls around, the number of people taking up residence here in Villa de Leyva increases, and that means the level of excitement does as well. A lot more locals walk along the streets looking for some fun on the weekends, and the town is more than happy to supply the entertainment its patrons need. Many of the restaurants, like the La Terraza, serve excellent wine, so folks tend to gather here for feasting and drinking. Another popular place is the Casa Quintero, a mansion converted into several restaurants where people mingle and have a great time. But the largest area to have a few drinks is right on the front steps of the church--the whole Plaza Mayor turns into an immense partying playground when locals and tourists are just out to have an enjoyable evening.

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