Beaches in Villa de Leyva

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Villa de Leyva is a small town in Colombia, with friendly locals and a quaint, homely atmosphere. Villa de Leyva Beaches are largely unspectacular, but the town is amazing and beautiful beaches are a drive away from the place.

Villa de Leyva

The cobblestone streets of Villa de Leyva are not as enjoyable to ride as they are for a leisurely stroll. The architecture and museums offer an opportunity for a fascinating afternoon. The seaside is not terribly near the town, but those looking for a water retreat can always head to one of the hotels in the area. Pool water is never a good substitute for the rush of the sea, but the warm Colombian sun makes up for all of it. The poolside is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon, swimming and sun tanning.

Isle Gorgona

Located not too far away from the capital city of Bogota, the Isle Gorgona is another one of Columbia’s beach paradises. Once a prison island in the Pacific Ocean, the Isle Gorgona is now a national park. The only way onto the island is a boat that leaves from the mainland. Here the beaches are contrasted against the green backdrop of a tropical rainforest, and wildlife is rich and diverse on the island. Once here, tourists can choose to book a whale watching tour and have the opportunity to spot whales that are present in the area during the mating season. The beach here is also home to turtle nesting – during the nesting season, tours are available at dawn to view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

San Andrés

Those looking for the ultimate beach retreat can opt for San Andrés, an island located off the coast of mainland Colombia in the Caribbean. This is the perfect place for divers and scuba divers, as well as those who enjoy photography. The white sand is a firm contrast against the turquoise blue of the ocean, and the crystal clear waters are a joy to swim in. Those looking for something more relaxing can try horseback riding on the beach, while those with an adventurous streak in them can always choose parasailing or wind surfing. Guides and equipment are readily available. For those who want to enjoy the beach, simply slap on the suntan lotion and enjoy a drink by the bar or at the beach!

Beaches in Villa de Leyva may not be a good option, but there are many other things to do in the town. It is a good place to begin a beach adventure for those looking for a day trip to take them to the sun and waves.

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