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accommodation in Villa de Leyva

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Villa de Leyva hotels are unique in that they offer visitors a wide spectrum of options and styles. Hotels that are a “bargain” are not simply hotels that have scaled back, and in fact, the locals have a special term for these hotels in order to emphasize their cozy, secluded decorum. On the other end of the spectrum, luxury hotels are often converted from special landmarks and will astound you with their one-of-a-kind locations and services.


Hospederías, small cottage-like villas that hold perhaps five to ten guests at a time, are romantic and perfect if you have planned your trip with a significant other. One excellent hotel of this kind is the Hosteria Lso Frayles, located in the Boyaca providence. For only $40 a night (single bed occupancy), your stay includes satellite television, a mini bar, and even breakfast in bed! Hotel Vitalia, located 5 minutes from Leyva’s main square, is also a great option. Vitalia only occupies six people at one time, but each person is in for a treat--everyone can see a glorious sunrise from the hills of Iguaque when they first wake up. The hotel is naturally secluded and visitors often enjoy the surrounding lakes and meadows. Vitalia is a little bit more pricey (from $160 to $200 a night depending on availability), but the experience will be memorable, particularly if you love nature.

Luxury Hotels

The luxury hotels in Villa de Leyva will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Often these hotels have been renovated from older structures like bakeries or colonial houses, and exemplify the deep cultural heritage of Villa de Leyva as a whole. One such hotel is the spectacular Suites Arcoiris (Rainbow Suites), the “place of happy days.” Many of the two-person rooms here offer a breath-taking view of the surrounding hills. There is also free wi-fi, an opportunity for planned excursions, rock-climbing and other extreme sports, and even a “plans romantic” service. The hotel’s only downside may be its price, as the rooms are between $5000 and $5500 a night (not including breakfast-in-bed, either). The Hotel Antonio Narino, a remodeled colonial house from the 15th century, is amazing as well. Guestrooms are all equipped with a private bath and profession desk service is available 24/7. The hotel also offers free tours of the surrounding vineyards, as well as other “ecotours.” Costing around $2200 dollars a night, the hotel is still very expensive.

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