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Segovia airial view

Segovia airial view

Segovia is a municipality in Antioquia, founded in 1869.  Before colonists arrived, the Segoviano territory was populated by Tahamíes and Yamecíes natives. Explorers followed and discovered the mines of gold in Segovia. From then on many expeditions sought the valuable metal, which has been mined to the present day.  The gold fever monopolized the attention of all those that arrived. 

In 1865 it was built the parish like part of the diocese of Santa Rosa of Bears. In 1880 Segovia became a district, and in 1885 joined the Antioquia department.
According to the corporation Viztaz, of Medellín (the nearest major city), "it is par excellence mining territory. The gold has been its main one relating from before the arrival of the Spanish ones and still today its economy and its culture rotates around the mines. It is a municipality of warm climate where many cultures converge.


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