Top 5 Must Do's in Santa marta

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If you are planning to visit beautiful Santa Marta, Colombia anytime soon there are some Santa Marta must do’s. Some of the greatest places to visit in Santa Marta are listed below and you are sure to find something to fit every taste.

Check out Carlos “Pibe” Valderrama Statue

Carlos “Pibe” Valderrama , born in 1961 and known for his wild blonde hair, is widely hailed as the greatest South American football player of all time. In this, his home town, a 20 foot tall, 7 ton statue of him stands to honor him in his home town. This is a must see, especially for his many fans worldwide.

Visit Rodadero Sea Aquarium and Museum

Located just a little bit of a stretch from Rodadero Beach in Santa Marta is this fantastic adventure. There is a fascinating society of over 800 different animals in this aquarium, as well as many aquariums that go straight into the Caribbean. There is also a museum attached to the aquarium that allows visitors to get a more in depth look at the animals and the history of this fabulous aquarium which has been open since 1965.

Enjoy at Rodadero Beach

This fantastic beach is a favorite with the locals. The water is sparkling, the sand is warm and the drinks are cool. Whether you want to spend a day lounging about by the waves or enjoying a Jet Ski ride, Rodadero Beach will have something for you.  This is in addition to the areas many fantastic restaurants and shops. Going to Rodadero is definitely a must do. This fantastic beach allows visitors to see where residents of some of the most beautiful locations on the planet go to relax.

Be Adventurous at Mamancana Nature Reserve

This fabulous natural reserve doesn’t just offer incredible beauty, but a place to enjoy some adventure as well. While visiting Mamancana you can practice such adventurous sport activities as paragliding, canopying and rock climbing.

Enjoy the La Fiesta Del Mar (Festival of the Sea)

If you have any say at all about when you visit Santa Marta, Colombia you must come during the Festival of the Sea or La Fiesta Del Mar. This yearly festival which takes place in July, has helped to put Santa Marta on the map as a one of kind tourist attraction. Soak up sun, culture and fun at this enchanting festival. Some of the events include live music and a fantastical Jet Ski show!

If you are planning a trip to Colombia, it is vital to add Santa Marta to your itinerary. Between the sparkling beaches, breathtaking mountains and fantastic history, there is something for everyone in exciting Santa Marta.

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