Things to do in Santa marta

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When it comes to Colombia, Santa Marta things to do are among the best activities in the entire region. A natural beauty, Santa Marta is nestled between fantastic mountains and sparkling seas. The history, the beauty and the fun can’t be beat in Santa Marta. Below are some things you just can’t miss out on during your trip to Santa Marta, South America’s oldest city.

Spend a Day on the Beach

There is nothing better than spending a day on a sparkling Colombian beach in Santa Marta. The weather is warm, the sand is great, and the view is amazing. There are plenty of things to do here. If you want to lounge on the shore and read a book, there is no more beautiful place. If you want to do something more adventurous like sailing or diving around a beautiful coral reef, there is no better place for that either!

Visit Ciudad Perdida

This fantastic “lost city” was once the home to Colombia’s Tayrona Indians. Spend your day exploring this remote area. Study the impressive homes on the slopes of the Santa Marta Mountains that were built by the Tayrona over 900 years ago.

Tour Santa Maria Cathedral

Santa Maria Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Spanish America. It was also once home to Simon Bolivar’s earthly remains. If you are looking for a solemn refuge to spend a quiet day, the Santa Maria Cathedral is the place to be.

Spend a Night Under The Stars in Tairona National Park

Tairona National Park is one of the largest and most important national parks in South America. Tairona is a favorite amongst international backpackers and enthusiasts of ecotourism. Toss a few sleeping bags and a tent on your back and head out for a truly remarkable adventure.

Though it is often sweltering in the day, the cool spring evenings of Santa Marta are perfect for sleeping under the stars. While in Tairona, you can visit with indigenous tribes, spend some time walking the crystalline shores, marvel at fantastic waterfalls, or go on a hiking expedition in some of South America’s most fantastic mountains. Tairona National Park is an awesome way to truly experience the beauty that is Colombia.

Santa Marta is impressive on many levels. With its mountains, bustling downtown area, historical sites, and sparkling beaches, it provides much more than most places as far as things to do. If you are looking for a fantastic place where there is something to do for everyone, Santa Marta fits the bill.

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